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(updated 04/01/2008)

Here are our Top 50 great multihull links

They are divided into 5 categories: Catamarans / Trimarans / Proas / Designers / YouTube Videos

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1 Wormwood

High end American cats.

2 History

A chronology of multihulls

3 Amarylis

Early multihull built in 1876

4 Hobie 16 Classic Beach Cat
5 Wikipedia Wikipedia Catamaran entry. (Needs work...)
6 Impossible Dream Amazing boat from Multimarine
7 Dazcat High performance Cruising & Racing Multihulls
8 Top Cat Multihull traing on the south coast
9 Texel Race Amazing cat race round this Dutch Island
10 Fountaine Pagot Luxury French Catamarans

1 Wikipedia

Wikipedia Trimaran entry

2 Corsair Great boats with a unique folding system
3 Waterworld The Mariner's Trimaran from the film
4 Geronimo Record breaking French tri
5 Dragonfly Quorning Boats
6 Adventure Trimaran Adventure sailing
7 Echo 11 36.5' trimaran by Dick Newick
8 Rave Earl Edwards huge Tri
9 Ahoy Boats Llittle trimaran sailing dinghy
10 Windrider Beach trimaran

1 Kanu Culture Pacific outrigger canoe racing
2 Jzerro Russell Browns wonderful boat
3 Te Wa Te Wa, A Micronesian Style Proa
4 Harryproa Revolutionary proa series
5 Cheers Dick Newick's famous boat.
6 Sailrocket Radical new British design
7 Melanesia Self-build proa design
8 ProaBoat American Proas, 1898 - 2001
9 Pacific Proas Double-ended, bi-directional sailing multihull with
10 Tiny Dancer A 21' proa from Warren Multihulls.

1 James Wharram The godfather of British self-build cats
2 Morelli and Melvin Top catamaran designers
3 Roger Simpson Designer of our current boatbuild
4 Incat Crowther One of the world's most experienced multihull design groups
5 Gilles Ollier Cutting edge design team
6 Nigel Irens Top British designer
7 Rudi Choy Pioneer of American cats
8 Kurt Hughes Popular American designer
9 Jeff Schionning Accomplished Australian designer
10 Derek Kelsall British pioneering designer




Top Ten Multihull YouTube Videos

1 Supercat Playstation in big waves  
2 Trimaran Kitesurfing  
3 Catamaran Extreme  
4 Sailrocket: The Early Days  
5 Ellen Macarthur  
6 Team Philips - The Last Ride  
7 Proa Toroa  


Wonderful 73" Catamaran  
9 Paritet Ellips Catamaran  
10. Start of the Round Texel Race  

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