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Welcome to The Multihull Zone.

The multihull concept is a global phenomenon. Catamarans, trimarans, and proas, are manufactured world-wide: Beautiful sailing machines, jet passenger ferries, super-fast powerboats, luxury yachts, and stealth warships; all are adopting the multihull principle. Multihulls are at the cutting edge of water transport, and the best of contemporary marine design is producing great new takes on the time honoured principle of the multihull: Outrageous shapes on ultra high-speed boats, unprecedented stability and occasionally spectacular disasters.  

Here at The Multihull Zone we specialize in them. We've just finished building one, we built and sail another, and we spend a good deal of time researching them. Through this site we hope to help connect up the multihull world, promote innovation, and stimulate further general interest in the subject. You can see photos and YouTube videos of the latest boatbuild here.

You can buy Multihull Books, DVDs and Videos here and you can watch the Multihull Zone Top Ten YouTube videos here.

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